So I haven’t updated since October.  I apologize to anyone left in the dark, but the most amazing thing happened.  I was once told a saying that “luck” is when “preparation meets opportunity”.  My entire life I was preparing for an opportunity that came around the time I stopped updating.  IMG_4551 IMG_4486 IMG_4411 IMG_4319 IMG_4593 IMG_4385

One of the first restaurants I visited when I began my journey into raw foods opened a second location in Los Angeles.  I jumped at the chance to apply for a position and took an even bigger chance by applying to work in the kitchen.  I have a degree in Journalism, but no experience with culinary school.  Everything I ever learned was from the web.  So, I used what I had,  my self published raw recipe book, and my dedication to learn everything I can about the culinary world of raw vegan food.  So they took me in.  After one night of washing dishes, my next duty was to separate micro greens.
Have you ever had that feeling of complete peace in you work?  Even though I was standing there at the sink washing a separating micro greens, I was so happy.  Like this is it.  I’m about to learn from a master.  Third night in, they put me on the line, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.  Living, learning, and making food for some amazing people!

IMG_4620 IMG_4149 IMG_4116 IMG_4110 IMG_4670 IMG_4657 IMG_4610 IMG_4518 IMG_4413 IMG_4404 IMG_3906

Au Lac– Home of Chef Ito.  He’s been on a vow of silence for over 10 years.  He’s taught me the difference between “purist” and “raw foodist”.  He’s also taught me to break the stereotypes and categories many feel we have to label ourselves with.  I never really understood the term “humanese” which I was introduced that first visit  many years ago, until I entered his kitchen and when asked his ethnicity he answered he was “Humanese”.   Owner Mai, has created the most amazing Plant-based Vietnamese Fusion restaurant and I am both honored and excited to be part of such an amazing place.  I’m both learning and growing as a chef and I think you will see a major shift in my flavors and creativity all inspired by my new home and sanctuary that is Au Lac.  Please come visit me if you ever find yourself in DTLA.  Whether you are vegan or not, you will find yourself completely satisfied and impressed by our menu with both raw and cooked options: )  Plus, all the staff is amazing.

710 West 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

11AM – 11PM

IMG_4389 IMG_4308 IMG_4495

So that’s it.  No more excuses.  I shall be updating a lot more consistently and stay tuned for more info on my live streaming cooking show on Mobli!!!  It’s the coolest App!  Tell you more about it soon.

Until then,

Rawk On,


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