RawkPops To You!

RAWKPOPS BY RAWKBABY Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 2.13.23 PMEach RawkPop is three ounces of blended fruit fresh from the Farm or Farmer’s Market.  Each piece of fruit is carefully selected, washed, and ripened to perfection so that nothing else needs to be added.  Just pure goodness.  One bite and you’ll swear you are floating through strawberry fields with a one way ticket to Berridise!   It’s just fruit, so if you can eat fruit, this is for you.  A simple treat.  Kid tested and mother approved!  It won’t mess up your diet either… If you are on one of those.


The time is now!  Time to get you hands on a box of my Raw, Vegan, Fruit pops I call RAWKPOPS.  We now ship to select states!

California  *Local Delivery*





Each Box is Filled with 28 RawkPops.  Flavors vary each month according to the fruits that are in season in California.  Fruit is locally sourced in SoCal by both Certified Organic and Pesticide Free farmers.  No GMO.  No Animal Cruelty.  No Slave Labor.

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 2.14.55 PM

Flavors For JUNE

4 Strawberry, 4 Chocolate, 4 Strawberry Banana, 4 Peach Strawberry, 4 Lemon Pie, 4 Strawberry Lemonade, and 4 Cherry Limeade.

Delivery Method


Shipping for me right now is the biggest expense.  I didn’t actually raise my prices.  Shipping is extremely pricey, which is why I also closed shipping for many states.  I hope to add new states each month!  If you are in an area that I don’t ship to right now,  please message me and we will arrange a special shipment for you.


We use Fed Ex two day shipping.  A tracking number will be sent as soon as the package ships.  Each box is packed in a secure cooler and kept frozen by dry ice.  Be very careful when opening the package and avoid handling the dry ice without gloves.  It can burn you!  Freeze your goodies as soon as you can!  They melt: )  No signature required, but please be available to pick up package the day of delivery.  I cannot be help responsible for melted RawkPops.  Unless it is my fault of course.



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