Kale Chips (BBQ)

Kale Chips (BBQ)


These are a great replacement for bagged potato chips and processed crackers!!

1 bunch Kale
1 cup almonds (soaked 8+ hours)
1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes (soaked 4+ hours)
+2 cups purified water for soaking (use)
6 dates
1 Tbsp salt*
1 tsp pepper
1 lemon (juiced)
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup Raw Amino Acids

Place all ingredients except for kale in a High Powered Blender or food processor.  Process until desired smooth constancy depending on blender or food processor.

De-stem and was all kale.  Rip into small pieces and place in large mixing bowl.  Pour in BBQ mixture and mix with hands until all kale is evenly coated.

Dump on Teflex sheet and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 8 hours.  Remove Teflex sheet and continue to dehydrate until desired crunch… up to another 8 hours.




** Use Pink Himalayan Salt
***Always use Organic when Possible***

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