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Soak Your NUTS!!


One of the important things in preparing for a raw foods diet is making sure you soak your nuts and seeds.  Why?  Nuts contain some traits to protect themselves in nature.  Our bodies don’t digest some nuts and seeds very well because of this trait.  Soaking your nuts and seeds before you use them does the following:

  • Enzyme inhibitors neutralize.
  • The amount of vitamins your body can absorb increases.
  • Gluten breaks down making digestion is much easier on the body.
  • Phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals, is reduced

What You Need!


Glass Mason Gar, Screen Lid or Cheese Cloth, Purified Water.

I’ve created a RAWK BABY SOAKING chart to reference.


*As you may note I DO NOT use Cashews.  I do not use consume them, so I do not use them in my recipes.  The Cashew plant is from the same family as Poison Ivy, and parts of the plant cause severe allergic reactions… For that reason alone I do not use them: )

Tips for Soaking!

*Make sure you buy UNPASTEURIZED nuts.  These aren’t typical, and are hardly labeled so don’t be afraid to ask before purchasing something you are unsure of.  PASTEURIZED nuts have been heated in this process.  You  might recognize this from juice labels.  It means that they used heat to kill any and all bacteria which also kills the healthy living enzymes our body needs to digest food, and they no longer sprout.

*Rinse nuts and seeds thoroughly before filling to brim with water.  Nuts and seeds will expand, and must stay completely submerged in water the entire time.  Every 8 hours or so, drain the water and re-rinse a couple times.  This is easy to do with your jar!  After soaking time is reached, use right away, or place in dehydrator at 104 degrees and dehydrate for 24 hours, checking on them every 8 until desired crunch.

*You can add salt and other seasoning on top of nuts right before you place them in the dehydrator for a healthy snack option.

***Always use Organic when Possible***